This coming Sunday we will join in morning prayer on zoom and then take a break for a coffee before resuming to take part in our online AGM. As I see it, the “business” of the church is woven into the more “spiritual” aspects of our church life. Thus, we are holding our AGM straight after a time of worship together, trusting that we will come to our “church business” with a prayerful approach.

I do hope that you have found time to read the 2020 AGM Activities report – and our official documents. Many thanks to our treasurer Geoff for preparing the financial report, and to Mike Gunton who audited the accounts for us.

Here is an extract from the Activities report which focuses on our AGM theme:


 Moving from a room called fear to a room called hope.

Theologian Pete Rollins describes having a hope that draws you into action, that invites you to engage actively with the world.[1] This hope requires courage, but it is also a way that we can keep learning and growing, rather than remaining passive and waiting for things to get better. We need to pray for courage to create paths that keep us moving from a room called fear to a room called hope.

At our AGM I would like us to explore the next steps for our worship and community life. In March 2021 church council member, Dr Ed Kelley, COVID Senior Advisor for WHO, and former Infection Prevention and Control lead for WHO described the virus as having a very long tail. In other words, Covid is going to be present for at least another year, affecting all in-person contact.

However, a year on since the outbreak of Covid, with vaccines being rolled out and a clearer grasp of good safety measures, I would like to gauge what percentage of our congregation would like to explore meeting again in person – and how we can manage the risk in a positive way. [Actually, following further discussions this week, the council would like to propose some in person worship for the coming Sundays – join us at our AGM for us to present these first steps].

We have no doubt learnt some valuable new ways of worshipping and staying connected online. Thus, going forward we will not simply “return to how things were” but seek to develop a mixed economy with in-person and virtual services – hopefully finding ways of live-streaming our worship from our church buildings.

Please join us on Sunday to hear more and to join in the discussion.

[1] (Ref: Dumbo Feather, Conversations with extraordinary people, May 2018).

Here is an inspiring prayer for our community, adapted from the Anglican Province of the Indian Ocean:


For a clearer vision of the work you have set before us and for a better understanding of your gospel,

Lord, direct us.

For a deeper commitment in your service and a greater love for all your children,

Lord, direct us.

For a fresh understanding of the task before us and for a sense of urgency in our proclamation.

Lord, direct us.

For a greater respect and acceptance among Christians of different traditions and for a common goal in sharing the joy of the gospel,

Lord, direct us.
In the name of the Risen Lord Jesus, Amen  


Worship this coming Sunday 2nd May
Easter 5: The Joy of the Gospel

10.00 Service of Morning Prayer zoom link and order of service
11.00 Annual General Meeting
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Coming up this week

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Other news
Work with those seeking refugee status
- Mentoring opportunities: Please contact Andrea Goovaerts.
- Accommodation: Please speak to Diantha Terry with any thoughts you have.
- Do you have jobs that need doing? Please contact Diantha Terry.

Are you a keen photographer?

Johan is looking for photographs to use for the La Côte Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you take a beautiful photo please think of sending it to Johan so that we can share them with our followers (and it's handy for us to have local instead of copyright-free images).

You can send him your photos at :

Safeguarding is increasingly important in a virtual world 

The safeguarding team:

-Is there when someone suspects or has observed abuse or is a victim.

-Is there if someone feels uncomfortable about a relationship or situation themselves

-Does not judge, can flag up help and is discreet.

Covid lock downs and confinements 2020 have resulted in an increase of abuse in the home, if you have concerns don't hesitate to get in touch: and check our page on the website
For useful resources click here and scroll to 'links of interest'!
Giving online and in person 
Many thanks as ever for your giving to the life of our church and thus to our mission and service within and well beyond our community. Here are the bank details for our church: 

IBAN            CH42 0022 8228 5504 9740 H
Holder         The La Côte Anglican Church Development Association, 1267 Coinsins 
BIC               UBSWCHZH80A

Merci beaucoup, diolch yn fawr, Geoff Senogles


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