This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, a final blast before we swoop down into the everyday “ordinary” life of faith for a few months in our church calendar. If you thought Pentecost was out there, try God, three in one, a Triune God yet monotheistic – One God. Far from being a dry and dusty dogma, God as three persons invites us to delve into the beauty of the relationships between God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. In fact, we might discover that we are living in these relationships more than we realise!

This prayer from the Iona Community hints at how we relate to God, as Creator / Father, man /Son and Holy Spirit. I invite you to use this prayer to help you worship God and do join us on Sunday to find out more.

We have heard about you,
God of all power.
You made the world out of kindness,
Creating order out of confusion;
You made each one of us in your own image;
Your fingerprint is on every soul
So we praise you.
We praise and worship you.

We have heard about you,
Jesus Christ:
The carpenter who left his tools and trade;
The poor man who made others rich;
The healer who let himself be wounded;
The criminal on whom the soldiers spat
Not knowing they were fouling the face of God;
The saviour who died and rose again.
So we praise you
We praise and worship you.

We have heard about you, 
Holy Spirit.
You broke the bonds of every race and nation,
To let God speak in every tongue;
You made disciples drunk with grace;
You converted souls and emptied pockets;
You showed how love made all things new
And opened the doors to change and freedom.
So we praise you.
We praise and worship you.

Wild Goose Worship Group, (A Wee Worship Book, Iona Community, 1989)


Worship this coming Sunday 30th May
Trinity Sunday: A community of divine love

10.00 Morning Prayer zoom link and order of service
16.00 Evening Prayer at Gingins, please register with Liz and read the Covid measures
16.00 Sunday Club at Gingins


Coming up this week

Monday 31st Church Council
Tuesday 1st Bible Study
Friday 4th CCC
Friday 4th Rock Solid
07.30 Mon to Fri, 08.30 Sat Morning Prayer

Other news

Clothes collection in aid of Belarus Ukraine & Moldova
Our help is needed by vulnerable people whose lives have been made even more difficult this last year. T
he van will collect on Monday 31st and Tuesday 1st June click here for more information.

Work with those seeking refugee status
- Mentoring opportunities: Please contact Andrea Goovaerts.
- Accommodation: Please speak to Diantha Terry with any thoughts you have.
- Do you have jobs that need doing? Please contact Diantha Terry.

Safeguarding is increasingly important in a virtual world 

The safeguarding team:

-Is there when someone suspects or has observed abuse or is a victim.

-Is there if someone feels uncomfortable about a relationship or situation themselves

-Does not judge, can flag up help and is discreet.

Covid lock downs and confinements 2020 have resulted in an increase of abuse in the home, if you have concerns don't hesitate to get in touch: and check our page on the website
For useful resources click here and scroll to 'links of interest'!
Giving online and in person 
Many thanks as ever for your giving to the life of our church and thus to our mission and service within and well beyond our community. Here are the bank details for our church: 

IBAN            CH42 0022 8228 5504 9740 H
Holder         The La Côte Anglican Church Development Association, 1267 Coinsins 
BIC               UBSWCHZH80A

Merci beaucoup, diolch yn fawr, Geoff Senogles


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